class flax.linen.ConvLocal(features, kernel_size, strides=1, padding='SAME', input_dilation=1, kernel_dilation=1, feature_group_count=1, use_bias=True, mask=None, dtype=None, param_dtype=<class 'jax.numpy.float32'>, precision=None, kernel_init=<function variance_scaling.<locals>.init>, bias_init=<function zeros>, parent=<flax.linen.module._Sentinel object>, name=None)[source]#

Local convolution Module wrapping lax.conv_general_dilated_local.


Applies a (potentially unshared) convolution to the inputs.


inputs – input data with dimensions (batch, spatial_dims…, features). This is the channels-last convention, i.e. NHWC for a 2d convolution and NDHWC for a 3D convolution. Note: this is different from the input convention used by lax.conv_general_dilated, which puts the spatial dimensions last.


The convolved data.